The project intends to develop guidelines and knowledge on mobility schemes ensuring accessibility of PT for all. Thus, it calls for teams with wide geographical coverage, as well as experience in different application areas. ACCESS 2 ALL is a consortium of 9 partners from 7 countries with the aim to achieve cross-sectoral consensus towards standardisation and policies’ adoption; consensus among all PT operators, stakeholders, planners and end-users is absolutely necessary to achieve accessibility for all in PT.

The consortium has the expertise necessary to carry out the work undertaken, since it includes leaders in various domains of expertise necessary for the successful implementation of the project. The role of each participant has been selected according to this expertise in order to cover each relevant aspect of the project. In detail, the Consortium is shaped, as below:

  • 6 universities/institutes/research centres (CERTH/HIT, INRETS, UNIVERSITAS, USTUTT, IAS, LUND).

The above participants cover all complementary expertise required for the successful realisation of the ACCESS 2 ALL project, since they combine knowledge and networking / partnering in the areas of:

  • Public Transportation, covering both extensive networking with key stakeholders and innovative technologies in the field (INRETS, CERTH/HIT, LUND, IAS),
  • needs of MI users (IAS, LUND),
  • ergonomics (UNIVERSITAS, IAS),
  • benchmarking and assessment of Transport technologies, as well as service personalisation (CERTH/HIT),
  • localisation technologies, training (BLUE POINT IT),
  • management and project administration, as well as dissemination (ERT, BLUE POINT IT).

It is also worth-mentioning that end users will be highly involved in ACCESS 2 ALL not only through the existing contacts and networks of the Consortium members, but also through the User Forum in which end users will have a strong saying.
Trans-nationality Partnership Balance: The consortium members cover at least 7 countries, thus ensuring a welcome multi-cultural approach, coverage of a wide spectrum of needs, as well as wide spread of results.